From the 5th of February through to the 9th, the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair introduced the top event in Scandinavian design. Secto Design was happy to take part of the amazing event! Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair has been among the most important trade shows for Secto Design for years. There wouldn’t have been a much better occasion for Secto Design to announce the start of the celebrations as Secto 4200 pendant concludes 20 years this year!

The conical Secto came out in 1999 to reevaluate the lighting design not just with its innovative design but also with its material, wood, that at the time was rarely seen in the decorative lighting strategy. As the very first Secto Design pendant the conical Secto 4200 forms the backbone for the brand and the whole lighting collection that today comprises 25 versions.

Thank you so much for visiting us at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair! It was a pleasure to meet you all and we all hope to see you again next year!

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