Lowlife is better than high life

In Milan we are showing two new systems of upholstered furniture, Lowlife and Loop. Both projects, in a way, result from our research into the potential of novel interpretations of concepts related to informal space and unconventional social relations typical of the countercultural movements in the late 1960s.
– Sven Jonke – Numen/For Use collective.

Lowlife is a modular method combining various backrest heights with three seat depths providing a completely customised lounging experience. The section borders that are rounded take on vibrant and dynamic shapes with sleek, undertones that are futuristic.

Loop is a modular method creating a gentle interior landscape. Seamlessly interconnected seats and poufs unfold as a gentle terrain of sloping surfaces conducive to relaxation, leisure and fresh ways of living and socialising. In any case, Prostoria is among the ten globally chosen furniture manufacturers eligible to utilize fabrics of the absolute world leader in design fabric creation, Danish Kvadrat. Thus Prostoria’s novelties come with the cloths of Raf Simons, Artistic Director of both Jill Sander, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein.