Versatility of beauty
Colours, finishes and Measurements change, beauty remains and reinvents itself every time

Luisa brings with it all the beauty of the history of glass and innovation. A beauty available in various colors, sizes, finishes and therefore versatile because it reinvents itself each moment. In the table or suspension variant, the blown glass diffuser provides five elegant finishes obtained through applied nanotechnologies and diffuses a delicate and persuasive light; the metal core, also available in five colors, invites one to play with chromatic combinations and accessories. A brand new story of lighting made up of interesting chapters not yet been invented.


In the image above: Luisa in the table variant, made from a white finish metal arrangement, smoked gray blown glass diffuser, light-coloured rope handle, available on request. Features: Luisa T3 (diameter 320 mm – H 450 mm) power cord available in 4 colors.

In the image on the left: Luisa in the suspended variant made from a black finish metal arrangement, transparent crystal diffuser. Features: Luisa S1 (diameter 200 mm, H 285 mm), 3000 Millimeter power cord.

Luisa, the beauty of a versatile and customizable light

Conceiving Luisa we wanted to engage in a technological approach aimed at increasing the ability to personalize our products. This allowed us to create a flexible set that can be adapted to a taste starting from the structural components. In the case of Luisa, the metal core is available in five distinct finishes: nickel, chrome, brass, white or black. The LED light sources are available in 2 temperatures, warmer 2700K and cooler 3000K.

Luisa invites one to play with color combinations and accessories

As for the construction, also the blown glass diffuser is available in five distinct color shades: glory rose, transparent crystalclear, glossy white, glistening smoked gray, silver metalized transmirror. Luisa invites one to play with color combinations and its accessories to create the ideal light.