Locherber Milano

Proudly ‘MADE IN ITALY‘, Locherber Milano is a luxury lifestyle brand that combines bespoke fragrances with modern design. All the components and ingredients found in Locherber Milano products have been sourced from within a 100km radius of Milan, the company’s birthplace.

The uniquely Italian artisanal techniques can be seen in the glass vessels used in the collection. The best glassmakers in Venice have been sourced to design and craft the room diffusers and room spray bottles, all of which are hand-painted in the burgundy signature brown colour which the brand has become known for. The lids for the various diffusers are made from either the end oak sourced from the directional “dolphins” found in the Venice canals, hand-sculpted clay, or precious marble sourced from around the world, as seen in their Precious Lids collection

Locherber Milano’s exclusive fragrances are designed to create special places and situations. Unique and enveloping creations that come from over forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, from natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials.

It is a new concept of “knowing how to live” that elevates “knowing how” to an artistic dimension, entrusting it to totally Italian creativity.

Locherber Milano seeks the harmony that generates the balance of the five senses and can reach the sixth, that archaic and primitive force that exists in each of us and that inevitably pushes us towards beauty and well-being.