Inalco are specialists in their craft. Providing surfaces for floors and walls for the construction, architecture, and interior design sectors. Driven by ethics, innovation, leadership, and the firm desire to improve and forge paths that lead us to a better future. Inalco demand only exceptional quality standards which exist in all their processes allowing for a high added value product. Using nature as their source of inspiration, they create sustainable products by selecting the best minerals and speeding up the natural lithogenic cycle. Instead of damaging the environment in search of the perfect design, Inalco simply creates them.

Using a one-of-a-kind process, the same design can be applied to the surface and throughout the whole body of the slab, guaranteeing products with a high added value. This spearheads the search for new innovations, pushing back the boundaries, and facing up to new thrilling challenges – always going one step beyond. Umbra is one of these fine examples.