Flexform is an Italian industrial enterprise with solid expertise in the production of sofas and other furnishings valued for their high artisan value. It instinctively leans into the culture of design collaboration, evident in its history of outstanding partnerships with top designers and creative talents. Its brand identity and success are built on a series of shared values that lie at the very core of the corporate mission.

The company’s aesthetic language is better expressed through the concept of discreet elegance that translates to uncluttered shapes and soft, never ostentatious, materials. Flexform has gained a place of its own in the history of furniture design, and the appeal of our timeless products will endure for a long time, unaffected by fads that come and go.

Design consistency relies on the discreet and reassuring elegance of the collections, with their understated refinement, irresistible charm, and sleek, clean lines, where the aesthetic expression of elegance lies in revealing the essential. Contemporary styling that is never loud or aggressive – but persuasively silent – thanks to the balanced proportions, exquisite materials, fabrics and finishes that make every living room configuration a true island of emotional wellbeing.

And, above all, tactile and visual comfort – the warm, enveloping feeling of an oasis experienced by anyone who sinks into a Flexform sofa, surrounded by cosy, familiar objects – armchairs, side tables, accessories – that create an intimate, cocoon-like effect.

Flexform’s mission is to firmly uphold its promise of superior quality, aware of the fact that if the home environment is an aesthetic expression, the beauty of a sofa can enhance the quality of life. To achieve that safe, homey, sophisticated nest-refuge feeling means to have fully grasped the subtext of contemporary lifestyles.