The genesis of CULTI MILANO traces back to a perceptive insight from the multifaceted mind of Alessandro Agrati. Far ahead of his time, he grasped the notion that spaces and objects could possess distinctive scents, envisioning a realm where olfactory richness harmonized with aesthetically pleasing environments. In 1988, Agrati embarked on a personal odyssey, delving into the intricate relationship between design and the senses, revolutionizing how people engage with their surroundings.

Thus, the concept of CULTI was born—a project intertwining culture and style, meticulously charting its creative trajectory over three decades. Evolving into a brand imbued with a profoundly personal ethos, CULTI MILANO transcends mere home fragrance, embodying a Culture of Ambiance, inviting individuals to embrace their spaces as unique, inviting sanctuaries.


Alessandro Agrati, the visionary behind Culti, defies categorization—a dynamic force propelling the boundaries of interior design exploration. Transitioning seamlessly from home design to perfumery, Agrati’s creations, crafted in collaboration with master perfumers, epitomize refined elegance, infusing everyday life with the essence of sophistication.