Bosa Ceramics

In a corner of the Venetian countryside, with an enchanting skyline and babbling mountain brooks, there is a town, Borso del Grappa, which echoes the name of its highest and most noble mountaintop, where Bosa, the ceramic industry renowned around the world, chose to settle many years ago. 

In 1976 Italo Bosa began his ceramic production, applying the ancient techniques for making objects entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich palette of colours, decorated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper, and enamelled in the exclusive shades of colour created by the company. These precision techniques remain the foundation for Bosa’s production and ensure that Bosa’s objects remain unique, recognisable and of the finest quality.

What distinguishes Bosa and makes it a leader in the field of designer ceramics in Italy and around the world is its decision to make research and innovation the company’s strong points, thereby creating the know-how required to develop projects that seemed impossible.

From the initial collaboration with Marco Zanuso Jr. and the close relationship with the Palomba-Serafini firm, Bosa has developed friendly professional relationships with Satyendra Pakhalé, Patricia Urquiola, Elena Salmistraro, Nika Zupanc, Pepa Reverter, Ionna Vautrin, Constance Guisset, Marco Morosini, Manolo Bossi, Gualtiero Sacchi, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto, Marc Sadler and a detailed understanding with Jaime Hayon, who has invented so many exuberant worlds.