Baxter is a unique brand made specifically for a refined taste. Someone who loves luxury and admires beauty, but only if it is sustainable and genuine. Only the finest of leathers are selected, and attention to detail is key in the craftsmanship of their pieces. Every product is taking centre stage for its exclusive form, with each element of detail capturing the natural elegance and painstaking craftsmanship it took to produce. The symmetry between form and materials culminates in what can only be described as the perfect recipe. All the ingredients are in harmony with one another produce a final outcome of unique emotions as well as an experience that lures us into complete immersion.

Baxter’s philosophy aims for a perfect balance between naturalness and longevity with the choice of extremely high-quality raw materials. This combined with their goal to avoid the use of chemicals in their production process, allows Baxter to create products that present their beauty with any imperfections present as this sort of true beauty will always outlast all trends and fads that come and go.

Baxter Boutique at IL Lusso