Oluce was given a special mention in the prestigious German Design Award 2019 for the Berlin lamp by Christophe Pillet, after winning the award last Season with the Superluna light by Viktor Vasilev. The award was started in 2012 by the German Design Council together with the intent of introducing and encouraging the most advanced designs and the ones that contribute to the international design world.

The jury, comprising over 40 specialists from several areas – academic and fiscal fields, science, and industrial design – picked Berlin for its lighting design category. Berlin, created by Christophe Pillet, is a thing that calls into question the frequent comprehension of the ceiling light, turning its’ conventional discreet personality upside down to transform it into a stylish, decorative attribute. Available in the ø40 ceiling version or in the ø30 version for use as a ceiling light or wall light, the light is formed by a thick metal ring with a slender profile, enclosing a disc of wire mesh glass inside it. The satin brass finish evokes echoes of Art Deco, given a modern update in the defined shapes and the use of a LED light source.