“Where there is light, there must be shadow, and where there is shadow, there must be light. There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow.”
– Haruki Murakami

A subtle, intellectual beauty, that over the years has directed the company to create some of the world’s most bizarre and many popular lighting icons. The urge to set the company’s lighting experience at the disposal of architects and designers has culminated in the Bespoke Tailoring support: lamps designed especially for particular jobs or modular models of pre-existing designs make up the vast and varied tailor made range that the company provides to fulfill the requirements of large- and small-scale customer demand in the finest possible way.

The new set introduced at Euroluce draws on this culture of design, know-how and a unique style that has helped the company stand out in the world of lighting for more than 70 years. Last year, the installation, designed by the architect Ferruccio Laviani, moves to a larger space in Hall 9 stand B11 — B15, presenting the world of Oluce by means of a set of fluid surroundings, where indoor and outdoor alternate seamlessly.

Shapes and colors bring order and harmony to the heterogeneity of both inspirations, enabling each item to tell its story, culminating in the creation of a dialogue throughout the generations and becoming an integral part of the fabric of the houses and spaces in which it’s a guest.

The architectural references and clean shapes that make up Ilo act as a great balance to its subtle decorative spirit and its own fine quality finishes, creating an item with a multifaceted beauty, able to match in with the many varied worlds and fashions. The lamp contains an aluminium bar worked with precision mechanics, chromatically split into two parts. The first is configured as a sort of handle, whereas the second contains the very long LED lighting source.

The products introduced are the expression of a well-defined aesthetic and a fresh way of interpreting spaces. In-out-in goods, re-editions created by the many on-trend design masters, never-before-seen jobs – destined to eventually become the company’s new icons – and goods designed by pupils and young design promises, as part of a talent scouting operation in its next edition.