In 2018 yet again, Oluce is among the winners of this Archiproducts Design Awards, now with the Cylinda table lamp created by Angeletti and Ruzza.

The prize has been awarded by an independent jury composed of architects, designers, influencers, directors, style experts and prominent figures in the world of design and architecture with the Archiproducts editorial team. The criteria included parameters of concept, innovation, manufacture, sustainability and aesthetics.

Cylinda is a desk lamp formed from two cylinders of different dimensions and thicknesses. The first, which can be taller and thinner, becomes the base behind the second unit, a large, slim disc that forms the light-shade, using a LED light source. In the words of the designers, the essential shapes of this design aim: “to eliminate, not to add anything that is not absolutely necessary: this was the mantra guiding the design of the lamp; with its quiet presence, it succeeds in creating a positive atmosphere that can transform everyday routine into everyday poetics.” Cylinda captures the attention with its strong, poetic presence, keeping up a minimalist sophistication with its own clean outlines and utilization of geometric shapes, fully representing the Oluce DNA.