IMM Cologne, known as the International Interiors Show Cologne, is an annual trade fair that ignites the passion of design enthusiasts worldwide. Held in Cologne, Germany, it stands tall among the leading showcases in the furniture industry.

Immerse yourself in a captivating world of creativity at IMM Cologne, where a stunning array of products and design trends in furniture, lighting, home accessories, textiles, and interior design unfold before your eyes. Drawing exhibitors and visitors from across the globe, including esteemed manufacturers, visionary designers, acclaimed architects, discerning retailers, and seasoned industry professionals, this event serves as a thriving hub of inspiration and innovation.


Stand: Knoll, Farbiger Wohnen, Pure Editions, Halle 2.2

Elevating design to new heights, IMM Cologne offers exhibitors an unparalleled platform to unveil their latest designs, innovations, and concepts to a discerning global audience. It’s a place where connections are forged, business contacts are established, and new market opportunities emerge, propelling the design industry forward.

Prepare to be enchanted by special exhibitions, thematic presentations, and interactive events that illuminate emerging trends, forward-thinking design concepts, and cutting-edge developments within the furniture and interior design sectors. Renowned experts take the stage, sharing invaluable insights into the latest industry advancements and market trends through enlightening lectures, engaging panel discussions, and enriching seminars.

Neuheitenrundgang, Stand: Flexform, Farbiger Wohnen, Pure Atmospheres, Halle 11.2

Neuheitenrundgang, Stand: Flexform, Farbiger Wohnen, Pure Atmospheres, Halle 11.2

Immerse yourself in the essence of IMM Cologne, where the significance for the design industry becomes apparent:

  1. Global Platform: At IMM Cologne, the design world converges, bringing together design enthusiasts, manufacturers, retailers, and industry professionals from around the world. This global platform ignites connections, facilitates collaborations, and fosters cross-cultural exchanges on an international scale.
  2. Trendsetting: As a true trendsetter, IMM Cologne unveils the latest furniture designs, interior trends, and innovative concepts that shape the design landscape. This inspiring showcase offers a glimpse into emerging styles and consumer preferences, enabling designers and manufacturers to set the course for the upcoming year and beyond.

    Stand: Baxter, Grenzenloser Wohnen, Pure Atmospheres, Esszimmer, braun, schwarz, Halle 11.1

  3. Business Opportunities: Step into a world of thriving possibilities at IMM Cologne. Here, designers and manufacturers have the opportunity to establish meaningful business relationships, negotiate deals, and secure contracts with esteemed retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. The fair’s diverse range of industry professionals creates an ideal environment for networking, lead generation, and expanding market reach.
  4. Inspiration and Education: Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as IMM Cologne hosts special exhibitions, lectures, and seminars delivered by renowned designers, architects, and industry experts. These captivating sessions offer a wealth of knowledge, fueling your creative spirit and ensuring you stay at the forefront of design concepts, cutting-edge technologies, and emerging market trends.

    Stand: Baxter, Grenzenloser Wohnen, Pure Atmospheres, Wohnzimmer, grau,Halle 11.1

  5. Networking and Collaboration: Unleash the power of connections at IMM Cologne, where designers, manufacturers, and industry professionals gather to share ideas, explore potential collaborations, and connect with like-minded individuals. The possibilities for partnerships, joint ventures, and innovative collaborations are endless, spurring creativity and driving innovation within the design industry.
  6. Media Exposure: Get ready to bask in the spotlight as IMM Cologne garners significant media attention from esteemed trade publications and mainstream media outlets. Through extensive media coverage, interviews, and captivating features, your brand, products, and design concepts can gain unparalleled exposure. This heightened visibility amplifies your brand presence and opens doors to new opportunities.

Stand: Secto design , Natürlicher Wohnen, Pure Editions, Halle 2.2

While I don’t have access to the specific attendance figures for the most recent editions of IMM Cologne after my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it’s important to note that in the past, this illustrious event has drawn over 100,000 visitors during its duration. This diverse audience comprises industry professionals, trade visitors, visionary designers, architects, discerning retailers, and design enthusiasts alike, converging from all corners of the globe. These attendance figures speak volumes about the global reach and influence of IMM Cologne, making it a truly awe-inspiring and international affair.

Stand: emu, GRÜNER WOHNEN , Pure Editions, Halle 3.2

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on visitor statistics, we recommend referring to official sources or contacting the organisers directly. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of design excellence, inspiration, and limitless possibilities at IMM Cologne, the unrivalled pinnacle of the design world.