Giorgetti continues to promote the culture of the quality design with Object to Project, the travelling exhibition that, after the stops in Mexico City, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Beijing and Paris, has Surfaced on 21st March 2019 in Jakarta.

Duren Tiga No. 33 Pancoran Selat, is an exclusive and refined space to provide fashionable ideas and suggestions that most meet the personal needs of private customers and architects, but also buyers and programmers.

Inaugurated in 2014 thanks to the partnership with PT. Prodotti Indonesia., the Atelier of the Indonesian capital is a part of the latest conception, in which the pieces of furniture, involving iconic pieces and novelties, replicate real national surroundings: they are inspiring spaces in which the items take their measurement of easy product to create well-rounded jobs, exciting and inspiring the contemporary taste.

During this special evening the project Object to Project was introduced: a exceptional occasion where the manufacturing experience of the company and the planning patrimony become protagonists of a photo exhibition, a publication and an original showing. The documentary Object to Project: Giorgetti Design since 1898, led by Francesca Molteni, is a journey into intelligent manufacturing in the historic district of Brianza, symbolic of the experience of creating great things that are appreciated worldwide. The occasion has been realised with the support of 2 exceptional partners, with whom Giorgetti shares the passion for the Building of value and enjoy for the pursuit of excellence: Omlog Lifestyle Logistics and Marchesi Antinori, which provided guests a Choice of fine Tuscan wines.