Giorgetti continues to encourage the culture of quality design with Object to Project, the travelling exhibition that, after Classic Living showroom in Beijing in December 2018, has surfaced on 21st January 2019 in Paris.

Supported through an exclusive introduction of the architect Roberto Palomba, the exhibition, with the showing of the movie Object to Project: Giorgetti Design since 1898, took place in the spaces of Hotel de L’Industrie and continued afterwards in the Giorgetti mono-brand Store, only a couple of meters away in the resort, always in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Located at number 10 of Rue de l’Abbaye, the French space displayed on two floors invites, already since the bright store windows directly facing the road, to explore Giorgetti lifestyle. Crossing the doorway of a few of the late 19th century buildings, typical of the district, comes to life the intimate and sophisticated ambience that animated on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, also thanks to 2 exceptional partners with whom Giorgetti shares its passion for the creation of value and the passion for the pursuit of excellence: Omlog, lifestyle logistics, and Marchesi Antinori, the Italian wine company that provided guests a choice of fine Tuscan wines.