“It is the technology that serves the knowledge of the hands, the ability to put together the techne of the manufacturing competence with the creative look of the great culture”.

With these words, Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO, explained what the company is today during the prizegiving of another important recognition, which celebrates Giorgetti, its products and its employees: Giorgetti won the Special Award “Entrepreneur 4.0 – Design” given by the Chamber of Commerce of Milano Monza Brianza and Lodi, whose aim is to give voice to the companies of this sector who are active in developing new processes of prototyping and business production applied to the design. They are moreover able to connect the handcrafted and manufacturing tradition of made in Italy with the productive vision of the future and to strengthen the competitivity, also international, of the companies. On Sunday 1st July 2018 Giorgetti was given the award in the prestigious location of Villa Reale in Monza, expression and symbol worldwide of the Lombard culture and savoir-faire.