Cologne IMM 2019 marks a new landmark for GHIDINI1961: the luxury manufacturing company. Thanks to its expertise in accessories and complements, it moves fully into the world of upholstery and furniture. The leaders of the new offering are the Katana sofa designed by Paolo Rizzatto, and the newest Coast dining table by Branch Creative.  In the Katana sofa, Paolo Rizzatto, puts great care in the proportions about the structural components of the item, thanks to a well calibrated relationship between seating and construction.

Another undertaking and typology is the brand new Coast dining table, designed from the San Francisco based design duo Branch Creative. The end result is an elegant, inviting surface that supplies the ideal location for parties both large and small. The Coast Table is finished with the homonymous Coast Chair introduced in 2018, which finds inspiration in the northern California coastline, thanks to the gold and wandering hills and the winding roads that intersect them. The sofa identifies the iconic and enchanting shapes of the classic Chesterfield, reinterpreted with cherry elegance, and thanks to the gentle curvature of the leg that it resolves the connection with the seat and the back.