During New York City’s annual celebration of design, Flos USA launches Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic at the brand’s Soho flagship, and Introduces a site-specific installation of Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades at WantedDesign.

On the occasion of NYCxDesign 2019, Flos USA presents two installations, highlighting creativity from great design minds: Konstantin Grcic and Michael Anastassiades. NYCxDesign is New York City’s annual celebration of design, attracting thousands and thousands of attendees and designers from across the world.

Pictures by Aldo Soligno

by Konstantin Grcic

Noctambule, a group of blown glass lamps designed by world acclaimed German designer Konstantin Grcic, is currently available to the general public via and Flos retail partners. For this launch, the beautiful lamps are showcased during the brand’s Soho flagship, in which a central raised stage displays twelve configurations of floor and suspended components in sophisticated clusters. Two extra large video displays reveal the inspirational set of photographs by Santi Caleca, illustrating the ethereal set in suggestive surroundings, as well as narrating its fascinating manufacturing during the traditional mouth blowing procedure.

Noctambule is a large-scale sculptural selection made from cylindrical see-through glass modules that can be interconnected to create floor and pendant lamps, enhanced by a glass jar or cone-shaped head. Modules can be joined together as much as six components to create an impressive lighting pillar. Noctambule provides a diffused light giving a fascinating, magical atmosphere to any surroundings.

by Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades has designed a exceptional installation of his own Arrangements for Flos at the entrance of WantedDesign Manhattan, in which the modular method of lighting components is combined to create interplays of light and space. Inspired from the parallel that exists between lighting and jewellery, each unit attaches onto the prior one, balancing perfectly as part of a glowing chain. This arrangement features a customized chandelier configuration of Line components and glowing, interwoven lighting chains with the Square and Tear Fall modules. The hanging sculptures illuminate a corridor immediately following the WantedDesign check-in desk, inviting visitors to walk amongst them and creating a gallery-like feel.

Arrangements has become a playful star of lighting artistry. Recent installations also include the 1stDibs Gallery on the 7th floor of Manhattan Terminal Stores (presently on display); Things That Go Together, the initial survey exhibition of Michael Anastassiades at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre (display open through July 20) and 10 Corso Como New York, as among the retail concept’s initial gallery partners for the September 2018 opening.