Japanese design studio Nendo made a modular box for Flos that’s a bit of furniture, an accessory, and a light fixture all in one. Gaku, meaning ‘frame’ in Japanese, allows users to create a miniature world of their own. Here we show how people with various interests and preferences – a bookworm, a jewellery lover, and plant enthusiast – may use Gaku to make their own still-lifes: from pendant lamps to vases, bowls, and wireless phone chargers.


Nendo is known for emphasising Simplicity and functionality, as is amply illustrated by this white Gaku. The pendant lamp With dimmer switch is accompanied with a tilting mirror and a set of vases and bowls.

LEFT: Bracelet (on top right) by Klára Šípková; bracelet (on shelf) by Blueberries; earrings by Nastassia Aleinikava; necklace by Zorya; www.deelive.cz (all) | Ethnic bracelet, www.lepatio.cz
RIGHT: Costume jewellery and pendant by Markéta Richterová, www.marketarichter.net | Pendant & chain by Blueberries, www.blueberries.cz | Earrings by anuš Lamr, www.hanuslamr.com | Floral Christmas decoration, www.lepatio.cz


This edition of Gaku serves as a wireless charging dock. Users can power luminescent lamp or their mobile device, which may be utilized anywhere in the room.

LEFT: Books from www.booktherapy.cz and our editor-in-chief’s home library | Bed linen by Ooh noo, www.arki.cz | Running Fox cushion by Klaus Haapaniemi, www.finnishdesignshop.com | silk bedspread, www.lepatio.cz


The pendant lamp within this Gaku is height-adjustable. Bowls, vases, bookends, and mirror are held in place by magnets, allowing consumers to arrange it according to their preference.

LEFT: Potted plants, www.pokojovky.co | Vases by Alvar Aalto, Iittala, www.arki.cz | Scissors, www.hay.dk