Flexform Suzhou flagship store opens in Suzhou, a densely populated town with an ancient civilization located west of Shanghai. Set on the shores of Lake Jinji, Suzhou is famous for its rock bridges, pagodas and glorious gardens and, in addition to being a popular tourist destination, is among the cities with the greatest economic growth index in China.

Flexform launches its flagship store in China in among the nation’s most dynamic and rapidly evolving markets. The two-story Flexform Suzhou flagship store occupies a surface area of 450+ m2.

Curated from the Flexform Design Center, the interior design mirrors the notion that is characteristic of the company’s global showrooms. Floors and walls clad in travertine and ceilings in dark wood contrast with green spaces and a dramatic fireplace — all of which set the scene for charmingly staged areas that showcase the most representative pieces in the Flexform and Mood collections for living spaces, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The Flexform Suzhou flagship store offers visitors an authentic brand experience that communicates all the company’s values – the classic elegance of its goods, unrivaled comfort, along with Made in Italy design and quality – and promises to turn into a decor hub for designers and connoisseurs of luxury Italian design.