Flexform MOOD store, Corso Monforte, Milan

The first Flexform MOOD flagship store in Italy opens during Design Week. As time passes the neighborhood attracted a higher concentration of large name-brand furniture and lighting showrooms making it a landmark destination for design connoisseurs. Situated in a historic building, the Flexform Mood showroom communicates the aura of intimate charm that places the set apart.

Curated from Stefano Gaggero, art director of the Character brand since 2017, the interior design creates a discreet, almost austere backdrop for the many exemplary products in the Flexform Mood collection. Elegant, Asian-inspired movable theatrical partitions punctuate the showroom, carving out comfy, sophisticated spaces, whose measurements can be varied at will, resulting in an exceptionally dynamic architectural setting that can be easily altered, based on the demands of staging.The selection of materials – exotic eucalyptus paneling, austere gray rock flooring, thoughtful details crafted in burnished metal and chrome – and the existence of architectural components, such as the dramatic fireplace that holds court in the middle, are reminiscent of endeavors famous for their discriminating, sophisticated elegance by master interior designer François Catroux.

Soft light illuminates a set of rooms where a number of the most fascinating products in the Flexform MOOD series are displayed.