IMM Cologne 2019, the International Furniture & Interiors Fair that each year attracts many visitors from around the world, ended on January 20th.

The show-stopping Flexform display space supplied a suitable pathway designed to lead visitors through the various settings constructed around two enchanting “winter gardens”.  Walls and floors in travertine, dramatic cladding in Rosso Lepanto marble and dark wood ceilings created a sophisticated scenario in which headliners such as the Campiello and Newbridge seating systems, designed, respectively, by Antonio Citterio and Carlo Colombo, busy centre stage.

Alongside them, the Leda, Hera, Sveva and Alison armchairs, and Ascanio and Gustav side/coffee tables masterfully expressed comfortable elegance, emphasized by the use of lavish fabrics in a sophisticated palette of colors, ranging from shades of blue, green and gray, finely combined among themselves with warmer tones, for example rust, matched with mauve and eggplant.