The 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano furniture show came to a close on Sunday, April 23rd, after attracting a diverse range of exhibitors, buyers, journalists, architects, designers, and design enthusiasts. Fiera Milano Rho’s pavilions showcased numerous innovations, eagerly explored by the attendees.

Flexform’s 2023 Collection took center stage in a spacious two-level area spanning 2000 square meters. This meticulously designed space perfectly embodied the elegant, informal, and distinctive lifestyle associated with Flexform.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the introduction of the Perry and Perry Up seating systems, crafted by renowned designer Antonio Citterio. These seating arrangements exuded warmth and relaxation, achieved through a tasteful blend of materials, colours, and a reinterpretation of Flexform’s signature style. Luxurious earth-tone fabric upholstery seamlessly complemented wooden accessories, cowhide accents, and intricately woven paper rush cord embellishments.


Notably, the Perry and Perry Up were accompanied by the Kobo tables, created by Patrick Norguet, showcasing minimalist design and meticulous craftsmanship.

An enchanting setting featuring a tropical forest of bamboo and Schefflera beckoned visitors to explore Flexform’s stunning new outdoor collection. The immersive environment captured the essence of nature’s allure while showcasing the diverse range of outdoor furnishings. Within this dynamic ecosystem, each piece of furniture harmoniously fulfilled a specific purpose. The Kobo and Pico Outdoor tables invited joyous communal dining experiences, the Milos seating system tempted visitors to unwind and relax, while the Milos and Atlante Wood daybeds provided the perfect solution for indulgent sunbathing.


Additionally, from April 18th to 30th, Flexform’s Milan showroom on via della Moscova hosted a captivating photo exhibit celebrating the company’s artistic heritage. Entitled “Portraying Design,” the exhibition featured a carefully curated selection of designer photos and products that have shaped Flexform’s brand identity and distinctive personality. Spanning from the 1980s to the present, the exhibition showcased communication campaigns through large-scale reproductions on backlit panels. This immersive journey through time highlighted the enduring appeal of Flexform’s timeless style.

Within the via della Moscova showroom, visitors could view the iconic products that played pivotal roles in the company’s campaigns, alongside captivating images from the communication campaigns themselves. This interactive display offered a captivating insight into Flexform’s evolution, style, and artistic prowess.