The Yield and the revival of craftsmanship

Reviving our cultural values, providing the prominent place they deserve in our society, preserving tradition and reaffirming our identity. When there is something we have established in our journey of nearly six decades it is our endurance in a society of constant chaos and change. We have been able to adapt & assimilate the great, discard the bad and persist even if the circumstances weren’t favourable. We lived the last financial crisis and we are here in order to let you know about it.

A hundred-year-old tradition

Among the hallmarks of the company is craftsmanship. Communication with our hands would be the very first worldwide language of humanity. Before words, there were indications the same way that before industry, there was craftsmanship. Using craftsmanship as a means of saying is practiced by just a few companies these days and amongst them is Expormim.

Rattan is a language promoted by the professional hands of craftsmen. And that code is rooted in the origins of the human race, the ancestral art of wicker baskets, and the weaving and bending of the cane to generate everyday items, that everybody can understand it. And by we mean a hundred-year-old tradition. In a rural setting with an economy based on agriculture, that this industry supported many families. The wicker baskets have been required in the vineyards to carry grapes. Esparto was utilized to make espadrilles, mats, and seats, as well as to fan the flames, and it was used for decorative items. We are the heirs to all those craftsmen, we learnt from them and they still inspire us today.


Craftsmanship and avant-garde

Rattan is a humble material, but rich in shades. It’s fine, durable and firmly associated with the Mediterranean tradition. It’s intrinsic to Expormim’s nature and part of the genetic make-up. Bringing it back, giving it a fresh lease of life through its design, invigorating the creative process and reviving an artisanal function that appeared doomed to oblivion, everything was the consequence of incorporating the culture of design and jobs into the equation.