Flexform luxury furniture’s aesthetic is is characteristic of a sober elegance that translates into essential forms and soft, never gaudy materials. The Flexform world is made of good manners and good taste, a gentle aesthetic. The Flexform style is simple, deconstructed, refined down to the smallest details.

The Flexform style blends several key values that have little to do with fashion. The coherent design that does not depend on passing fashions. Discreet and charming, where the aesthetic value of elegance lies in subtraction. The contemporary character of design that is quiet and composed, but expresses a sense of emotional wellbeing through proportion, precious materials, fabrics and finishes. The timeless design approach that is eternally modern, exercising aesthetic poise and moderation. And, above all, tactile and visual comfort, a warm and cozy sensation of intimate relaxation. Beauty lasts in time and never goes out of style. This is the Italian style of Flexform.

Flexform represents a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will survive for a long time, oblivious to passing fashions.
Antonio Citterio




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