B&B Italia fabric range is Enhanced with the introduction of the Brand New Outdoor Collection, Ribes by Antonio Citterio.

A broad choice of upholstery inspired from the traditional fabrics accumulated by Antonio Citterio during several research trips to South America and reinterpreted in a contemporary way using quite clear color schemes. That is the way fabric was conceived with its warm and tones, such as the South American civilization, with powerful and vibrant color combinations.

Available in 16 models, broad or narrow stripes, dots or in natural plain shade, Elisir provides a fresh light into the Outdoor Collection enriching it with its own warm and vivid colors. In the palette we can find a broad choice of colors that are able to adapt to any kinds of surroundings. Starting with the more classic colors anthracite, passing through more intense colors, such as navy blue and crimson, to a new and soft sage green and a vibrant purple that signify the real revolution of the collection.

All these pallettes are suggested in contemporary and contemporary combinations trying to communicate B&B Italia origins, as an innovative and contemporary brand. The iconic of all, is the purple – crimson variant that is the best reflection of the vibrant South American origins of Ribes Collection.