In celebration of World Earth Day 2022, we would like to share this message from our brand partner Baxter

Climate House, a space where to work means entering a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding landscape. Thanks to the materials with which it is made, its exposure to the sun and the widespread comfort that derives from these sources, it is the first European company headquarters to enter the energy class ABaxter inaugurated it in 2011 while for six years it had voluntarily joined the Environmental Certification UNI EN ISO 14001. Important acronyms that must be read, translated, and applied.


By giving itself an ecological manifesto, the company has done nothing but confirm one of the principles on which Made in Italy is based: Design is also Sustainability. Two terms that over the years have been happily approaching and, by binding, increase the value of each other.

Thus, Baxter’s new ideas for indoor are characterized by that harmony of proportions that dialogues with the outdoors, that outdoors which is the open air we feel the need to re-appropriate. It is a suggestion on how to join the boundary between the domestic space and the horizon in a game where furniture becomes research until it becomes well-being.

In the production process that transforms concepts into objects and projects, a perfect circular balance is activated. It is governed by the experience of masters who hand down the gestures and knowledge of tradition. The future, in this perspective, is a scenario richer in culture and more pleasant to live in; it is that place where technology, advancing, is synergical with the functioning of the ecosystem in which it is placed.

Celebrating World Earth Day means demonstrating that one’s management method enhances the supply chain and gratifies the consumer, in a structured approach between the definition of objectives and the identification of new opportunities for improvement.

A lesson that you learn day by day and that you plan for tomorrow, without compromising on the product: a sofa, a bed, a console or a lamp, are not just furnishing accessories for the daily household, but symbols that tell about the personality of those who choose them, reveal their sensitivity, as well as taste; ambassadors of the craftsmanship that shaped them, in their details there is the truest love for the raw materials that the Planet offers us.

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