Who Are The Stones Sisters ? The Story Behind Our Stones Limited Edition

Marble Stones, Agate Stones, and Lazuli Stones are the three beautiful daughters of Charles Stones, a notorious stone merchant from Antwerp who disappeared in the Amazon. Originally from Antwerp, Charles grew up in Brussels in a stunning home designed by Victor Horta, famous Art Nouveau Belgian architect.

His elegance and abilities of attraction lead to many romantic exploits…

From his first marriage to a Flemish aristocrat, he has a first daughter named Marble. Marble, with her blond locks and fair skin, supports and expands on the iconic Belgian codes of interior decoration in which minimalism and graphic touches reign, and blacks flirt with greys, beiges and taupes. She also collects totems that her sister Lazuli brings her and looks for new things and abstract forms that she shows as sculptures.

Charles Stones leaves Marble’s mother a few years later to settle in Rio de Janeiro, where he falls in love with a Brazilian woman named Ouro Preto. A year later, Agate is born. Her copper skin leaves her green eyes piercing. Her feline allure will lead her to present for the most influential fashion photographers worldwide.

Charles loses Agate’s mother in a helicopter accident and carries the pain of that loss with him as he searches for new mines. He finds his third great love in Tanzania, in which a passionate and short love affair will lead to the birth of the third and last daughter, Lazuli.

Who are the three Stones sisters? They are enigmatic characters with many facets, filled with idealism. Fascinated by travel, art and decoration, they embody the multi-dimensional nature of modern women. They all receive their fragrances custom-made at a secret location in the Sablons neighborhood of Brussels in which they meet every year to celebrate Christmas.

In a wave of nostalgia, they imagine, if only for a minute, that the father that they idealized their whole lives may still be alive… somewhere.

The Stones sisters are painted by French Artist Tiven