The Baobab summer collection is an ode to the natural world and celebrates nature both in design and fragrance. Since 2002, Baobab Collection’s scented candle and diffuser collections have drawn inspiration from memories of travel, rich landscapes, and fashion trends. Poured by hand in hand blown glass vases, these luxurious creations are decoration objects in their own right.

Baobab Summer Collection:


Palm Collection:

With engraving reminiscent of palm leaves, the Palm collection is a nod to destinations directly linked to the lush vegetation from which it draws its name. Thus three candles in handblown glass and unusual colours bear the names of West Palm, Palma and Palm Spring.

Baobab Collection Baobab Collection

Ravintsara Collection:

A collection of raffia candles called Ravintsara, named after a tree with healing properties. For the first time, Raffia is embroidered with leaf motifs inspired by the naive imagery of the Douanier Rousseau. Four candles with vibrant colours bear the exotic names of Manga, Lamba, Ravina and Hanitra.

Baobab Summer Collection Baobab Summer Collection

Rainforest Collection:

An olfactory and aesthetic adventure plays out with the three candles in the Rainforest collection, a tribute to the world’s largest forests: the Amazon, the Congo rainforest and the Indonesian rainforest.


The Singapore scented candle is covered with a platinum silkscreen print and plant colours reminiscent of the futuristic architecture of the Marina Bay gardens. In perspective, one notices the mythical hotel that overlooks the bay in the shape of a surfboard, which houses the world’s largest swimming pool. Its fresh and mysterious perfume with a vegetal and marine blend will directly take you to the magic of this futuristic city.

Baobab Summer Collection


The Rio scented candle is covered with a gold and colour silkscreen print that reflects this metropolis’ mythical architecture. One recognises the museum of contemporary art of Miteroi drawn by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the cobblestones bordering the beach of Ipanema, and a soft horizon with a glimpse of Sugarloaf Mountain. Its fragrance of bergamot, green tea and musk will take you to the warmth of this tropical city.

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